Family Trees

Our Family Trees

Please find below Family Trees from some of our Irish Travelling Families. If you would like any more information, please email us at To view photos from our Family Tree Exhibition, please click here. Please Note: All of the images in this section are the property of Mincéirí – Port Láirge, and should not be copied, distributed, or edited without the express permission of the owner (Mincéirí – Port Láirge). Please contact us should you have any further queries.

Flynn and Connors

The Family Tree of Daniel Flynn and Kathleen (Maisie) Connors of Pearse Park, Waterford

McDonagh and O'Reilly

The Family Tree of Arthur McDonagn & Hannie O'Reilly


The Family Tree of Mary Connors (Biddy Berry's Mary of Wexford)

Keenan and Mongan

The Family Tree of Peter Keenan and Winifred Mongan

O'Donovan and Quilligan

The Family Tree of Patrick O'Donovan and Eileen Quilligan. An Irish Traveller Family descending through their daughter Teresa