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Traveller pride event 2022

Mincéirí Port Láirge in partnership with Waterford Traveller Interagency Group.

Tom is keen to pass on his skill and teach younger Travellers to learn his craft, making sure to pass it on from generation to generation to keep this tradition alive.

Mincéirí Port Lairge hosted a  Tinsmiths workshop which was demonstrated by Tom O Donnell and was well-attended by members of the Traveller community in Waterford . The Tin-smiting was a trade that is associated with Irish Travellers and has a long proud tradition in the community. Tom is one of the last remaining from small number of Tinsmiths in the Traveller community and in Ireland today.

Back in the day the Traveller Tinsmith would have worked on farms or at the camp by the roadside.

The Traveller tin- smith made and repaired household items such as cups, kittles, tubs,buckets, plates, and coal scuttles etc. and carried his tools around with him in a box called a Budget.

The tinsmiths tools include a Tin Cutter, Rivet Hammer, Scutcher and an anvil.

The Tinsmith would have worked in exchange for food and clothes.

The day was enjoyed by all who attended and turned out to be a great success.

We are incredibly proud to have this piece of Traveller history available to be viewed by the public.

The Traveller pride Initiative was funded by that Department of Children, Equality, Disability Integration and Youth and supported by Waterford Traveller Inter-Agency Group.